Election Law

WARNING - The following was curent June 2003, but may be outdated now.

16-1001. Applicability of penal provisions

16-1002. Counterfeiting or distributing unlawful ballots; classification

16-1003. False endorsement, knowing destruction or delay in delivery of ballot; classification

16-1004. Interference with or corruption of election officer; classification

16-1005. Early ballot abuse; classification

16-1006. Changing vote of elector by corrupt means or inducement; classification

16-1007. Election officer ascertaining or disclosing elector's vote; classification

16-1008. Election officer changing vote of elector by menace or reward; classification

16-1009. Failure or refusal to perform duty by election officer; classification

16-101. Qualifications of registrant; definition

16-1010. Refusal by election officer to perform duty; violation of election law; classification

16-1011. Counterfeiting election returns; classification

16-1012. Intimidation of elector by employer; classification

16-1013. Coercion or intimidation of elector; classification

16-1014. Corruption of electors; classification

16-1015. Election wagers; classification

16-1016. Illegal voting; pollution of ballot box; removal or destruction of ballot box, poll lists or ballots; classification

16-1017. Unlawful acts by voters with respect to voting; classification

16-1018. Additional unlawful acts by persons with respect to voting; classification

16-1019. Political signs; tampering; classification

16-102. Power of attorney; prohibited use

16-1020. Signing of petitions; violation; classification

16-1021. Enforcement by attorney general and county, city or town attorney

16-103. Qualified person temporarily absent from state; persons in the service of the United States

16-104. Registration in incorporated cities and towns

16-105. Registration required by city ordinance or charter

16-1101. Membership of legislature

16-1102. Legislative districts

16-1103. Legislative and congressional redistricting; census enumeration

16-111. Definitions

16-112. Driver's license voter registration

16-120. Eligibility to vote

16-121. Qualified elector; definition

16-121.01. Requirements for proper registration

16-122. Registration and records prerequisite to voting

16-124. Public officer residing in county of post of duty

16-125. Change of residence to different precinct during twenty-nine day period preceding election

16-126. Authority to vote in presidential election after moving from state

16-131. Registration of electors; deputy registrars

16-134. Return of registrations made outside office of county recorder; incomplete or illegible forms

16-135. Change of residence from one address to another

16-136. Change of political party

16-137. Change of name

16-139. Registration expenses as county charge

16-140. Voter registration assistance agencies; definitions

16-141. Armed forces recruiting offices; voter registration assistance

16-142. Secretary of state; national voter registration act

16-151. Forms for registration supplied by county recorder and secretary of state

16-152. Registration form

16-153. Voter registration; confidentiality; definition

16-161. Official record of registration

16-162. Retention of registration forms and record of cancellation

16-163. Assignment of registrations to general county register; exception; notification to elector; filing of registration forms

16-164. Cancellation of registration on new registration form effecting change of precinct, party, address or name

16-165. Causes for cancellation

16-166. Verification of registration

16-168. Precinct registers; date of preparation; contents; copies; reports; violation; classification

16-169. Disposition and use of precinct registers; signature roster; form

16-170. Transmittal of signature roster to county recorder; comparison of names by recorder

16-171. Preservation of signature rosters as permanent records

16-172. Use of county registration rolls by political subdivisions

16-173. County recorder to file data processing system or program

16-181. Return of registration; violation; classification

16-182. False registration; classification; cancellation of registration

16-183. Violations; classification

16-184. Additional violations; classification

16-191. Applicability

16-192. Use of special district resources to influence elections; applicability

16-201. Primary elections

16-202. Notice of offices for which candidates are to be nominated at primary

16-203. Primary election for nomination of candidates in municipalities

16-204. Declaration of statewide concern; consolidated election dates

16-205. Election dates; notice; administration

16-211. General election

16-212. Election of presidential electors

16-213. Election of United States senator

16-214. Issuance of proclamation for general election by governor; publication by boards of supervisors

16-221. Special election to fill vacancy in Congress

16-222. Vacancy in the office of United States senator or representative

16-223. Issuance of proclamation for special election by governor; publication by boards of supervisors

16-224. Proclamation by governor; time for electing delegates to convention for ratification of amendment to the Constitution of the United States

16-225. Special district election dates

16-226. Nonpartisan elections; time of calling; definition

16-227. Publication of call of election for nonpartisan elections

16-228. Notice of election for nonpartisan elections

16-229. Affidavit of compliance

16-230. Vacancy in certain state or county offices; election

16-241. Presidential preference election; conduct of election

16-242. Qualifications for ballot; nomination paper

16-243. National convention delegates; pledged support to candidates

16-244. Representation on ballot

16-245. Form and content of ballot

16-246. Early balloting; satellite locations; additional procedures

16-247. Write-in candidates prohibited

16-248. Designation of polling places

16-249. Certification of election to parties; automatic recount inapplicable; tabulation

16-250. Expenses of election

16-301. Nomination of candidates for printing on official ballot of general or special election

16-302. Failure to nominate candidate in primary election

16-311. Nomination papers; filing; definitions

16-312. Filing of nomination papers for write- in candidates

16-313. Filing of nomination paper and petitions for special primary election

16-314. Filing and form of nomination petitions; definition

16-315. Form of petitions

16-321. Signing and certification of nomination petition

16-322. Number of signatures required on nomination petitions

16-331. Election of superior court judges by declared divisions of court

16-332. Election of justices of supreme court or judges of court of appeals by declared terms

16-333. Preparation and filing of nominating petition for certain judicial offices

16-341. Nomination petition; method and time of filing; form; qualifications and number of petitioners required

16-342. Special election nominations by delegate convention

16-343. Filling vacancy caused by death or incapacity or withdrawal of candidate

16-344. Office of presidential elector; appointment by state committee chairman

16-351. Limitations on appeals of validity of nomination petitions; disqualification of candidate

16-400. Definition of mark

16-401. Applicability of general election law to primary elections

16-402. Absence from employment for purpose of voting; application therefor; violation; classification

16-403. City or town primaries; duties of officers

16-404. Preparation of polling place; voting booths; ballot boxes for paper ballots

16-405. Preparation for elections

16-406. Public display of voting equipment

16-407. Election officers; qualifications; certificates; certification programs; advisory committee; plan; exemption

16-408. Cost of special district elections; bond

16-409. Certain cities, towns and school districts; mail ballot elections; report

16-411. Designation of election precincts and polling places

16-412. Effective date of new precincts

16-413. Precincts; special district boundaries

16-421. Adoption of voting machines; experimental use

16-422. Definitions; applicability of general laws

16-423. Authorization for use at all elections

16-424. Specifications of voting machine

16-425. Preparation of machines prior to election

16-426. Equipment to be provided with machine

16-427. Instruction of voters prior to election as to use of machine

16-428. Machine to remain sealed after election

16-429. Custody of voting machines and keys

16-430. Number of voting machines in a precinct

16-441. Applicability of article; effective date of article; approval of counting equipment

16-442. Committee approval; adoption of vote tabulating equipment; experimental use

16-443. Authorization of use at all elections

16-444. Definitions; applicability of general laws

16-445. Filing of computer election programs with secretary of state

16-446. Specifications of electronic voting system

16-447. Number of voting devices; inspection of voting devices; specifications and number of booths

16-448. Write-in votes; marking with rubber stamp or other devices; instructions

16-449. Required test of equipment and programs; notice; procedures manual

16-450. Location and acquisition of vote tabulating devices

16-451. Cost; means of financing

16-452. Rules; instructions and procedures manual; approval of manual; field check and review of systems; violation; classification

16-461. Sample primary election ballots; submission to party chairmen for examination; preparation, printing and distribution of ballot

16-462. Form of paper ballot

16-463. Form of ballots; lever machines

16-464. Rotation of names on ballots

16-465. Arrangement of candidates' names at primary election

16-466. Ballots and ballot labels; electromechanical

16-467. Method of voting on ballot

16-468. Form of ballot; optical scanning system; sample ballots

16-501. Compliance with primary election law as prerequisite to printing name on ballot

16-502. Form and contents of ballot

16-503. Duty to prepare and provide ballots; cost of printing ballots and instruction cards as public expense

16-504. Form of ballots; lever machines

16-505. Procedure for excessive size of ballot

16-506. Ballot and ballot labels; electromechanical

16-507. Presentation of presidential electors on ballot

16-508. Number of ballots furnished each polling place

16-509. Delivery of ballots to election officers

16-510. Sample ballots; preparation and distribution

16-511. Duty of board of supervisors to furnish election supplies to precinct officers

16-512. Displaying United States flag at polls

16-513. Instructions for voters and election officers; form; preparation and distribution

16-513.01. Right to vote a ballot to be verified; notice

16-514. Notice to voters; form

16-515. "Seventy-five foot limit" notices; posting; violation; classification

16-516. Form of poll lists

16-517. Form of tally list

16-531. Appointment of election boards and tally boards; qualifications

16-532. Instruction of election board inspectors and judges; certificate of qualification; optional training; instruction of counting center election officials

16-533. Filling vacancy in election board by electors

16-534. Inspector as chairman and supervisor of board; powers; power of board and clerks to administer oaths; oath of members

16-535. Election marshal; appointment; powers and duties

16-536. Compensation of election and tally board officers

16-537. Powers and duties of election officers with respect to special elections

16-541. Early voting

16-542. Request for ballot

16-543. Application for ballot; United States service

16-543.01. Procedures for voting with special write-in early ballots

16-543.02. Federal write-in early ballots; procedure

16-545. Early ballot

16-546. Early votes

16-547. Ballot affidavit; form

16-548. Preparation and transmission of ballot

16-549. Special election boards; procedure for voting ill or disabled electors; expenses

16-550. Receipt of voter's ballot

16-551. Early election board

16-552. Early ballots; processing; challenges

16-558. Special districts; mail ballot election option; conduct

16-558.01. Mailing of ballots

16-558.02. Replacement ballots

16-561. Examination of machines on election day

16-562. Preparation and arrangement of polling place with voting booths and ballot boxes

16-563. Posting sample ballots, instruction cards and notice to voters before opening polls

16-564. Opening, exhibiting and locking ballot box before receipt of ballots; removal and opening of box

16-565. Hours polls opened and closed; proclamation of opening and closing polls

16-566. Opening and closing of polling place; unused ballots

16-570. Conduct of election; duties of officers; placing machines

16-571. Poll lists to be kept by election clerk; posting

16-572. Delivery and custody of ballots at polling place

16-573. Substitution of ballots when official ballots not available

16-574. Repair or substitution of machines; use of paper ballots

16-578. Instruction and assistance to voters

16-579. Procedure for obtaining ballot by elector

16-580. Manner of voting; assistance for certain electors

16-581. Elderly or handicapped persons; inaccessible polling places; definitions

16-583. Voter not on precinct register; inactive voter list; procedure

16-584. Qualified elector not on precinct register; recorder's certificate; verified ballot; procedure

16-585. Spoiled ballots; disposition

16-590. Appointment of challengers and party representatives

16-591. Grounds for challenging an elector

16-592. Proceedings on challenge; disposition of ballot; failure to be sworn or answer

16-593. Rules determining residence of voter upon challenge; reading of rules upon request

16-594. List of challenges, grounds and rulings

16-601. Tally of vote

16-602. Removal of ballots from ballot boxes; disposition of ballots folded together or excessive ballots

16-603. Inspection of ballots by party representative

16-604. Count of votes cast; tally list

16-605. Disposition of paper ballots after count; marking rejected ballots

16-606. Tally and return of votes; lever voting machine

16-607. Statements of tally

16-608. Delivery of ballots; electronic voting system

16-609. Questioned legality of ballots; procedure

16-610. Uncertainty of voter's choice as cause for rejection

16-611. Certain defects invalidating vote for particular office

16-612. Determination of write-in choice of voter

16-614. Signing of tally lists after completion of tally

16-615. Delivery of returns

16-616. Preparation and disposition of unofficial returns

16-617. Transmittal of signature roster and precinct registers to board of supervisors after election

16-618. Preparation, disposition and posting of abstract of vote; exception to posting

16-619. Preparation, delivery and publication of condensed abstract of vote

16-620. Tabulation and publication of condensed abstracts; costs of transmittal

16-621. Proceedings at the counting center

16-622. Official canvass; unofficial results

16-623. Copy of abstract of vote of certain counties filed with secretary of state

16-624. Disposition of official returns and ballots

16-641. Retally of vote; lever voting machine

16-642. Canvass of election; postponements

16-643. Method of canvass

16-644. Effect of want of form in precinct returns

16-645. Canvass and return of precinct vote; declaring nominee of party; certificate of nomination; write-in candidates

16-646. Statement, contents and mailing of official canvass

16-647. Declaration of election to office; delivery of certificate of election

16-648. Canvass for state offices, amendments and measures; postponement

16-649. Determination of tie vote; notice to candidates; exception

16-650. Declaration of election to office; delivery of certificate of election

16-651. Proclamation by governor on amendments and initiated and referred measures

16-661. Automatic recount; requirements; exemption

16-662. Certification to superior court of facts requiring recount

16-663. Recount of votes; method

16-664. Recount of votes by automatic tabulating system

16-665. Determination of results by court; distribution of copies of order of determination

16-666. Expenses of recount

16-667. Supplementary nature of article

16-671. Contest of primary elections

16-672. Contest of state election; grounds; venue

16-673. Statement of contest; verification; filing

16-674. Contest of county or other election

16-675. Summons; form; answer

16-676. Time for hearing contest; continuance; findings of the court; judgment

16-677. Inspection of ballots before trial; petition; bond; appointment of inspectors

16-678. Inapplicability of article to contests of election of legislators

16-701. Applicability of election laws

16-702. Number of delegates

16-703. Qualifications of candidates for delegate; nominations

16-704. Ballots; form

16-705. Determination of delegates; vacancies; delegate bound to vote in accordance with pre-election statement; classification

16-706. Meeting of delegates in convention

16-707. Organization of convention

16-708. Journal of proceedings

16-709. Certificate of ratification

16-710. Compensation and mileage of delegates

16-711. Congressional provisions as superseding article

16-801. Representation of new party on ballot at primary and general elections

16-802. Representation of new party on ballot for county or municipal election

16-803. Filing petition for recognition; submission of petitions to county recorder for signature verification

16-804. Continued representation on basis of votes cast at last preceding general election or registered electors

16-805. Findings of fact and statement of public policy by the legislature of the state of Arizona concerning steps which must be taken to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens of this state and the safety of this state from international Communistic conspiracy

16-806. Proscription of Communist Party of United States, its successors, and subsidiary organizations

16-807. Political parties trust fund

16-821. County committee; vacancy in office of precinct committeeman

16-822. Precinct committeemen; eligibility; vacancy; duties

16-823. Legislative district committee; organization; boundary change; reorganization

16-824. Meeting, organization and officers of county committee

16-825. State committee

16-825.01. State committee; vacancy; filling of vacancy

16-826. Meeting, organization and officers of state committee

16-827. Executive committee of state committee

16-828. Proxies

16-901. Definitions

16-901.01. Limitations on certain unreported expenditures and contributions.

16-902. Organization of political committees

16-902.01. Registration of political committees; contents; amendment

16-902.02. Out-of-state political committees; registration; initial reporting

16-903. Candidate's campaign committees; exploratory committees; designation; candidate as agent; civil penalty

16-904. Treasurer; duties; records; civil penalty

16-905. Contribution limitations; civil penalty; complaint

16-906. Loans; repayments; guarantors

16-907. Prohibited contributions; classification

16-912. Campaign literature and advertisement sponsors; identification; civil penalty

16-913. Campaign finance reports; reporting of receipts and disbursements; exemptions; civil penalty

16-914. Termination statement

16-914.01. Reporting of contributions by committees acting on ballot measures; civil penalty; definition

16-915. Contents of campaign finance reports

16-915.01. Disposal of surplus monies; transfer of debt

16-916. Filing statements of contributions and expenditures; public inspection

16-916.01. Electronic filing; statements of contributions and expenditures

16-917. Independent expenditures; twenty-four hour notice; civil penalty

16-918. Campaign finance reports; notice; civil penalty; prohibition on candidacy

16-919. Prohibition of contributions by corporations, limited liability companies or labor organizations; exemption; classification; definitions

16-920. Permitted expenditures by corporations and labor organizations

16-921. Unlawful contributions by corporations and labor organizations from a fund; procedures; definition

16-923. Volunteering services for expected compensation; classification

16-924. Civil penalties; attorney general; county, city or town attorney

16-925. Deceptive mailings; civil penalty

16-940. Findings and declarations.

16-941. Limits on spending and contributions for political campaigns.

16-942. Civil penalties and forfeiture of office.

16-943. Criminal violations and penalties.

16-944. Fees imposed on lobbyists.

16-945. Limits on early contributions.

16-946. Qualifying contributions.

16-947. Certification as a participating candidate.

16-948. Controls on participating candidates' campaign accounts.

16-949. Caps on spending from citizens clean elections fund.

16-950. Qualification for clean campaign funding.

16-951. Clean campaign funding.

16-952. Equal funding of candidates.

16-953. Return of monies to the citizens clean elections fund.

16-954. Clean elections tax reduction; return of excess monies.

16-955. Citizens clean election commission; structure.

16-956. Voter education and enforcement duties.

16-957. Enforcement procedure.

16-958. Manner of filing reports.

16-959. Inflationary and other adjustments of dollar values.

16-960. Severability.

16-961. Definitions.